Buh-Bye Archie, we hardly knew ‘ye

According to the Washington Post, the Redskins are going to trade safety Archuleta to Chicago for a 6th round draft pick. So the ‘Skins paid the man about $10million dollars in bonus money ($5mil last year, $5mil just now as a roster bonus) and he will cost them $4million against the cap this year. He … Continued

Sports Recap

OK, so I’ve been away while and I’m trying to catch up. So let’s recap the going’s on with sports… Soccer: DC United vs CD Olympia DC United wrapped up the second leg of their games against Honduran team CD Olympia. They won at RFK 3-2 on two goals by Luciano Emelio and another by … Continued

Brunell Out, Campbell In

Jason Campbell. Photo from Redskins.com [slow clap] Its. About. Time. [/slow clap] Now, I want to make it clear that I don’t necessarily think that Brunell was the main problem with the Redskins this season. But it should be made clear that Brunell is not the solution. Clearly, the offensive line has taken about three … Continued

Time to Catch up

OK, it’s been awhile since I’ve posted. Lots has happened so I’ll try and recap… Sports… The Redskins lost to the Titans. People beforehand were saying “We can’t lose to these guys, they are WINLESS, as in Zero wins, as in haven’t won yet this season.” Well, guess what? They are now 1-5 after a … Continued

Its a white sock day

Yes, I’m wearing white athletic socks at work today. A loss like the Redskins had yesterday will do that to me. What a whoopin’ that was. I fortunately didn’t pay 100% attention to it as I was busy, but what I saw was fairly representative. The pressure against the Jaguars? Yep, that was a fluke. … Continued