We had the awesome luck to be able to participate in a Movie Rally this weekend with our Mini Cooper. “A Night at the Theatre” at the Family Drive-In Movie Theatre in Stephens City, Virginia was sponsored by Passport Mini of Alexandria.

It was great seeing lots of unique and diverse Mini Coopers all stacked up together cruising down the road. There were some really cool custom designs including flowers, flames, arrows, stripes. Really, there were no two Coopers that looked alike. We were joined by the classic Coopers, the newer coupes and SUVs, and even one or two extended Coopers. We got lots of looks while driving in caravan down the road. It must have been quite a sight seeing around 50 Minis all piled up together!

[foogallery id=”4655″]

The path that the organizers chose was a great one for a Saturday afternoon drive. We started out on the highway, then went through mostly one and two lane winding roads and through several small towns before finally ending up at the drive-in. We passed a guy on a tractor who waved and laughed as we drove by. The local folk would graciously let us all pass together through a stop sign and waved and cheered for us in a few spots. It was really a lot of fun, and I hope they make a regular event out of it.

The drive-in itself was as you’d expect (I’ve never been to one before). You pull up next to a speaker which you can leave outside, bring into the vehicle, or tune your radio to an FM station that broadcast the audio as well (although that will eat your battery). I will say that depending on your vehicle, folks in the back seat may not have the best view. The food was decent if a bit pricey, but they do give you an option to bring in your own food for a fee.