PC Workhorse 2013 Edition

Corsair H100 on Asus P8Z68-V Pro

So it’s been awhile since I’ve last updated my computer specs. It has actually been quite a while since I’ve updated, but I’ve also been so busy I didn’t get to update on my last build. Last time I updated my rig was rocking a Q9650 Intel Quad Core running at just over 4Ghz. About … Continued

Core i7 in stores now

It’s in stores now people. Newegg has prices starting at $320 for the i7 920. That’s a very reasonable price I think. At the same price point, you can get the Q9550 or for a bit less (if you can find it) the Q9450. The Q9550 is the best of the current generation of chips, … Continued

Something wicked this way comes

That something is called…. Nehalem. Yeah that’s right, Intel’s new processor, codenamed “Nehalem”, is coming out this month. The Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) has apparently ended and there is a slew of reviews across the internetwebs discussing the new chip. I skimmed or even read several of them trying to get the lowdown on this new … Continued