Mini Cooper Drive-In Movie Rally

Our Mini Cooper, closeup

We had the awesome luck to be able to participate in a Movie Rally this weekend with our Mini Cooper. “A Night at the Theatre” at the Family Drive-In Movie Theatre in Stephens City, Virginia was sponsored by Passport Mini of Alexandria. It was great seeing lots of unique and diverse Mini Coopers all stacked … Continued

Cold Trap by Jon Waskan

TL;DR …Get the book, it’s a fantastic read from a new author. The author recently reached out to me to review the book “Cold Trap”. Cold Trap looked like a good read by the description and already had a few positive reviews so I said to myself “sure, why not”. A few weeks later (hey I’m busy!) … Continued

Best place to buy computer parts

Corsair H100 on Asus P8Z68-V Pro

Lifehacker just rounded up the top 5 “best” places for computer parts. LifeHacker: Five Best Places to Buy Computer Parts You might find yourself buying parts to either custom build your own computer or replace parts on an existing computer (either pre-built or custom). Why should you buy parts when you can get the whole computer off … Continued

Movin on up

As I mentioned previously in this post, I made some upgraydes to my main work desktop. A newer quad core that runs cooler and faster, new motherboard, and a new case. Pictured to the right is the new computer, code-named “Uriel”. What is Uriel? Well, Uriel is the name of one of the arkangels (I … Continued