LG Press Event Results in dozens of injuries

File this one under “what could possibly go wrong…”. At LG’s Google in the Cloud event launching the G2 in Seoul, Korea someone had the nice idea of releasing a bunch of balloons with vouchers for a free phone. Personally, I would have expected a mini riot as the balloons landed and people grappled for … Continued

New Anti-Piracy System CAS

Starting Monday, most U.S. Internet users will be subject to a new copyright enforcement system that could force them to complete educational programs, and even slow their Internet speeds to a crawl. Mashable has a nice overview on the new Copyright Alert System (CAS) that starts being implemented today by five major ISPs – AT&T, … Continued

BP Spills Coffee

Before I get to a great Youtube skit about BP executives… If you haven’t already seen it, PLEASE go check out BPGlobalPR at Twitter.com. That dude is HILARIOUS. They are pretending to be real BP executives tweeting about all of their missteps. Some of their goodies include: MMS approved 13 new BP deepwater wells! We’ll … Continued