Best place to buy computer parts

Corsair H100 on Asus P8Z68-V Pro

Lifehacker just rounded up the top 5 “best” places for computer parts. LifeHacker: Five Best Places to Buy Computer Parts You might find yourself buying parts to either custom build your own computer or replace parts on an existing computer (either pre-built or custom). Why should you buy parts when you can get the whole computer off … Continued

Let John Oliver explain Net Neutrality

Or, as Oliver correctly translates, “prevent Cable Company F&$#ery”. This video is back from June but considering today is Net Neutrality Day, it’s worth another watch. Especially if you’ve noticed #internetslowdown banners as you’ve tried to use the internet today. If you think this is something you don’t need to worry about, consider the BIG … Continued

Amazon Prime Instant Video on Android

iOS has had this for a while, but now it’s finally available for Android. While I’m happy that I can FINALLY watch Amazon Instant Video on my *phone*, I am a little disappointed in some aspects. First, this is only available (right now) on the phone app, not on the tablet app which is … Continued

iPhone 6 leaked videos

Render of possible iPhone 6 ahead of Apple's press conference. via BGR

Pretty sure Apple is holding an event today… although I guess it’s not really needed since we can see pretty much all there is to see via all of these leaks. Assuming they’re true of course. At a glance, it looks significantly bigger, maybe around the rumored 4.7″ display size with much rounder edges than … Continued