#WorldCup Final First Round Games, All Groups. Second Round Predictions

Cumberbatch wants to know. Shall we begin?

Folks, it’s about to get crazy up in here. This week is the final first round matches. ElevenĀ teams have nothing to play for because they’ve already locked their passage to the next round (Netherlands, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Argentina, Belgium) or they have already booked a flight home (Spain, Australia, Cameroon, England, Bosnia). For the … Continued

#WorldCup June 17, Recaps & Previews

Dempsey after scoring against Ghana, but before getting his face broken

Recaps Jimeny Christmas, what a day yesterday was. Germany vs Portugal Totally didn’t see that one coming. Germany DESTROYED Portugal yesterday 4-0. And frankly it could have been worse than that. An impressive display by the Germans, for sure. Portugal not only lost by a large score, but had two startersĀ go down to injury and … Continued