Redskins Training Camp Photos

After a few days of sifting through the few hundred photos I took last Friday, I finally got them uploaded to Flickr. I used Flickr (instead of posting them here) since this is the first batch of photos for the new DC Critic website we are sorta, slowly launching (this is a Cyclone endeavour). Anyway, … Continued

Win & In

To get in the playoffs you have to win One game, at Home, against the Cowboys. Not much else to say other than that… … but of course I will :) It’s not about the Cowboys. It really isn’t. It’s not about who does or doesn’t play, or who is or isn’t in the stands … Continued

Redskins after Briggs?

Gibbs Says Briggs Trade Is Not ‘Imminent’ on the Washington Post website. This actually sounds like a good deal as far as trades go… Which means it won’t happen, at least the way it has been rumored to be setup. The ‘skins seem to make a habit of getting fleeced in these trades. I think … Continued