#WorldCup June 21, Recaps, Highlights, and Previews

Recaps & Highlights Italy vs. Costa Rica Yesterday I wondered which Costa Rica would show up. The team that played the 1st half against Uruguay or the team that played the 2nd half against Uruguay. Well, the 2nd half team showed up and played a full game against the Italians. They defended well, countered well, and … Continued

#WorldCup June 20, Recaps, Highlights, and Previews

Suarez makes a triumphant return with two goals

Recaps & Highlights Colombia vs. Ivory Coast HOLY COW!!!!! Colombia eked out a victory 2-1 over the Ivory Coast, with all 3 goals worthy of a highlight reel. Both teams were trading stretches of possession with swift and lethal counter attacks. I knew that the pace of the game was going to lead to goals, in … Continued

#WorldCup June 16, Recaps & Previews

Tim Howard

Recaps With the exception of the Argentina vs Bosnia-Hervogina match, I didn’t see much of the days games… Switzerland vs Ecuador Ecuador with the early lead, but a FANTASTIC late game run and finish in extra time gave Switzerland the victory. That late game run should be viewed by every single youth player on the planet … Continued

#WorldCup June 15, Recaps & Previews

Colombia back with a bang

Recaps Meanwhile, at home…. SO: “Babe, which team are you rooting for?” ME: “Yes” Colombia vs Greece Colombia with the 3-0 win, thank goodness. Overall, they played “well” but not great. I think they played down to their opponent a little bit. There were times we gave Greece too much time & space and a … Continued