Redskins Training Camp 2015

Robert Griffin III #RG3 #SkinsCamp Redskins Training Camp 2015

Thanks to a good friend, I got the opportunity to head down to Redskins Training Camp this year and hang out in the VIP section. The VIP section was pretty nice, offering tents, food, drink, and a place to sit after sweltering in the sun. The majority of fans were seated along a small hill next … Continued

Klinsmann thinks MLS is holding some players back

Well, yes and no. According to Ives Galarcep article: “There’s nothing I can do about it,” Klinsmann said when asked if he was concerned about Dempsey and Bradley being able to maintain their levels playing in MLS. “I made it clear with Clint’s move back and (Bradley’s) move back that it’s going to be very … Continued

#WorldCup Final First Round Games, All Groups. Second Round Predictions

Cumberbatch wants to know. Shall we begin?

Folks, it’s about to get crazy up in here. This week is the final first round matches. Eleven teams have nothing to play for because they’ve already locked their passage to the next round (Netherlands, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Argentina, Belgium) or they have already booked a flight home (Spain, Australia, Cameroon, England, Bosnia). For the … Continued

#WorldCup June 22, Recaps, Highlights, and Previews

Argentina vs. Iran, 2014 World Cup: Lionel Messi rescues Albiceleste

Recaps & Highlights Argentina vs. Iran Iran gave Argentina all they can handle, and held Nigeria to a 0-0 draw. I put them in the category with Australia as teams who lost but can go home with their heads held high. Argentina was saved by a late Messi goal and was fortunate that Iran didn’t score on one … Continued