Redskins Training Camp 2015

Robert Griffin III #RG3 #SkinsCamp Redskins Training Camp 2015

Thanks to a good friend, I got the opportunity to head down to Redskins Training Camp this year and hang out in the VIP section. The VIP section was pretty nice, offering tents, food, drink, and a place to sit after sweltering in the sun. The majority of fans were seated along a small hill next … Continued

Recap, Redskins vs Saints

Welcome to the NFL Mr. RGIII. The Redskins beat the Saints 40-32 in New Orleans in a very entertaining game, especially if you’re a ‘Skins fan. RGIII looks like he’s the real deal. He can throw, he can run, he doesn’t look flustered. He’s not as accurate as I’d like on the long ball, but … Continued

Redskins: Campbell is good enough

I’ve said it for a while now. Jason Campbell is a “good enough” quarterback in this league. He’s not Joe Montana or Dan Marino. He’s not Tom Brady, Peyton Manning or Drew Brees. BUT he is a good enough QB to win in this league. He’s better than most of the other dregs that are … Continued

FedEx Sign Ban. Is it over?

It appears as though SignGate 2009 is now over. If you hadn’t heard (because you hate football AND live under a rock) Dan Snyder banned signs at FedEx a few weeks ago. Presumably because too many people were bring in “Snyder Sucks”, “Vinny must go”, etc signs. The “official” reason was that signs block people’s … Continued