Yes, I’m wearing white athletic socks at work today.

A loss like the Redskins had yesterday will do that to me. What a whoopin’ that was.

I fortunately didn’t pay 100% attention to it as I was busy, but what I saw was fairly representative.

The pressure against the Jaguars? Yep, that was a fluke. No pressure on Eli who of course was able to pick out receivers all day long.

The big crucial difference I saw was this. The Giants were able to consistently get to – and seal – the edge on running plays. That way Tiki could choose to take it to the sideline or cut back inside. Meanwhile, the ‘Skins could not get the edge like they did against Jacksonville and Houston. Therefore, running game = squat. Which of course means we are dependant on Brunell who just doesn’t have “enough” to carry the team.

Oh well. Better luck next week.

PS – Levar had one tackle and one pass deflection.