To get in the playoffs you have to win One game, at Home, against the Cowboys.

Not much else to say other than that…

… but of course I will :)

It’s not about the Cowboys. It really isn’t. It’s not about who does or doesn’t play, or who is or isn’t in the stands (those J Simpson masks are really creepy tho).

It’s all about the Redskins.

If they come out and play up to where they *know* they CAN play. If they avoid mistakes. And, most importantly, if they capitalize on the Cowboys mistakes they should win. We almost nabbed them in Dallas, we can do it again.

The team is more composed now, and has stopped its “shoot thyself in the foot” syndrome. Most importantly, they’ve turned field goals into touchdowns. They are taking advantage of anything the defense or special teams gives them and is making the other team pay for it. Something they weren’t doing early in the season.

And I guarantee… if the ‘Skins make it into the playoffs, there is NO team in the NFC that wants to see them. Because if they make it in, they will have won 4 straight and beaten arguably the best team in the NFC in Dallas, and two other playoff contending teams in the Giants and Vikings. Clinton Portis is looking like the Portis we got from Denver, Santana Moss and Antwaan Randle El are back healthy and productive. The offensive line is clicking, the defense is causing turnovers.

I’m not saying we’re gonna roll all the way to the superbowl, because frankly, we can beat and lose to *anybody* in the NFL. But what I am saying is… its all about the ‘Skins. When we’re on… watchout…