Today is my Friday. I’m taking tomorrow off so I can go with my BFFs Chris and Kit to go see the Redskins Training Camp. You might be wondering WHY I decided to take off of work on a friday? Well here is a partial list of reasons (in no particular order)

  • It’s my birthday
  • I felt like it
  • I don’t want to work, and I can’t call in sick *every* day. At some point they fire me.

My mother says “Why are you wasting a day to go over there, just wait a few months and you get to see them on tv?” I told her she didn’t understand and backhanded her for her insolence. This of course, brought back fond memories of “back in the day”. I happened across this photo from Reddit that *PERFECTLY* captured my memories…

Whose hardcore now MOM? (PS I love you, and whats for dinner?)

So why goto Redskins Training Camp? Well, for one, it is one of the few chances you get to be *that* close to the players. You get to see them train (which you never do on TV), so you can see who is in shape, who sucks, how they compare to one another. You get to hear all the verbal sparring amongst them, you hear the coaches and you might even learn a little bit. I had a great time at this year’s DC United Training Camp in Bradenton, and I might turn this into a several times a year thing with my two favorite sports.

This should also start a new website launch where we discuss all things related to DC. I’ll fill in more details as they come in, but it will be blogs, news, forums, and hopefully podcasts. Stay tuned…

And in other random-ness… Check out this video “How to draw a Jaguar XK140 with Photoshop“. Cool.

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  1. LOOOOOLLLLLLl why does that kid look like he has Down Syndrome? LOOOLLLLL

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