It appears as though SignGate 2009 is now over. If you hadn’t heard (because you hate football AND live under a rock) Dan Snyder banned signs at FedEx a few weeks ago. Presumably because too many people were bring in “Snyder Sucks”, “Vinny must go”, etc signs. The “official” reason was that signs block people’s views and they could be dangerous. I find that complaining about a hand-held sign obstructing spectator’s views completely laughable considering he sells tickets with SUPPORT PILLARS in your line of sight. And I’d be way more afraid of a drunk guy tumbling down those vertical steps than I would be of a sign poking me in the eye.

For more info, check out Dan Steinberg’s SportsBog posts here, here, and here for more details.

Well, apparently, the sign ban has been rescinded. Which led to the following sign being unfurled…

I find it really hard to understand how Snyder made so much money. I’m thinking he must be one of those borderline genius people that have great skill in one arena (business), but zero skill in anything else (people). Banning signs did nothing but breed more contempt for him as an owner or as a person. I’ve had bosses before that hate being told when they’re wrong. They are the type that is ALWAYS wrong. They think, as long as no one is complaining, everything must be perfect. And if people complain, tell them to stop and then it will be perfect (once the complaining stops).

He’s gone and riled up the fans so much that they’ve actually got a facebook fan site called Redskins Fans Against Daniel Snyder. As I type this, there are over 13,000 members. And do you know what they’re planning on doing? They are going to walk-out of the Dallas game on December 27th!. Can you IMAGINE, 10-20,000 people just up and leaving during the game? The TV will be all over it.

If Snyder really wants people to stop saying he should be booted out all he has to do is one simple thing.


Really. That’s it. All you got to do, is stop messing things up. Just do what everybody else in the league does. Or at least the successful teams, anyway. That means, hire a coach and let him coach. Hire a GM and let him GM. USE THE DRAFT instead of free-agency to build a team. Stop screwing people over.

PS. Congrats on the victory guys!