I’ve said it for a while now. Jason Campbell is a “good enough” quarterback in this league. He’s not Joe Montana or Dan Marino. He’s not Tom Brady, Peyton Manning or Drew Brees. BUT he is a good enough QB to win in this league. He’s better than most of the other dregs that are QB’ing teams in this league.

And Ron Jaworski agrees with me!

Despite a difficult final eight games last year and uneven play this season, Jaworski still likes what he sees, stating firmly: “I don’t think you need to start over at quarterback. You can win with this guy.

“He needs a stable environment, he needs a better supporting cast. But as I look at some other quarterbacks around this league, the Redskins should be thankful to a certain degree that they’ve got this guy,” Jaworski said.

The word last off-season was that the ‘Skins were shopping for a new QB either through free-agency or via the draft. The word is that this off-season they will again be looking to upgrade the position and not resign him to a new contract…. WHY

Let’s say for the sake of argument that they sign, I don’t know… Tom Brady. Brady can’t run for a lick, and you want to put him behind this offensive line? That’s crazy. You’ll end up with a beaten Brady, limp as a noodle because his spine was pulled out like in a Mortal Combat finishing move by a blitzing safety. And they would have spent a bajillion dollars to do it leaving no money to sign anybody else.

The PROBLEM with the Redskins is simple. They have a few high-priced talented guys… and then a bunch of undrafted free-agents. There is no middle ground.

The SOLUTION for the Redskins is also simple. USE THE DRAFT. Use the draft as more than an excuse to go to New York and hob-nob with agents whose clients you want to sign. The bulk of every good team is built in the middle-rounds. Those late first day, early second day 2nd, 3rd, 4th rounders. Look at the the draft of two years ago with Davis, Kelly, and Thomas. It took them a year, but they are producing right now. They are young, cheap and talented. Now if they could just ind some similar people along the offensive and defensive lines, and maybe the secondary we’d be good to go. But we can’t do that when we only have one or two draft picks per year.

I’m hoping that now with a “real” GM (we’ll see if he’s a “good” GM) we will keep Campbell and instead focus on filling ALL of the other holes this team has. Over the next few years I’m hoping we stop trading away draft picks and instead use them to solidify the team.