Amazon Prime Instant Video on Android

iOS has had this for a while, but now it’s finally available for Android. While I’m happy that I can FINALLY watch Amazon Instant Video on my *phone*, I am a little disappointed in some aspects. First, this is only available (right now) on the phone app, not on the tablet app which is … Continued

What I want from HTC’s new flagship Android phone, 2014 edition

I’ve had the HTC One pretty much since day one when it was available on Sprint last spring. I love (almost) everything about it. The camera, the performance, and the size are all exceptional. It also came out at around a similar time as the Samsung Galaxy S5 so I had a choice last year, … Continued

Android ROM Comparison Table


A comparison of several of the most popular ROMs that are widely available for a variety of devices. This is particularly useful for anyone who has ever asked me “what do I get if I root my phone?” as you can look over at the “stock” column which is full of X’s and compare to the feature rich columns of the other ROMs.