Pretty sure Apple is holding an event today… although I guess it’s not really needed since we can see pretty much all there is to see via all of these leaks. Assuming they’re true of course.

Render of possible iPhone 6 ahead of Apple's press conference. via BGR
Render of possible iPhone 6 ahead of Apple’s press conference. via BGR

At a glance, it looks significantly bigger, maybe around the rumored 4.7″ display size with much rounder edges than we’ve seen in a while from Apple. The camera has a slight bump out on the back which may be a bit awkward, but us Android folks have been used to that for years.

It also looks a little snappier than in the past. Not that older iPhones were slow, but they were very “smooth” animations and transitions. The animations in this video look like they zoom past.

Links to the┬áChinese site hosting all the videos can be found on BGR’s site, but here’s just a taste (before they get taken down).