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Colombia vs. Ivory Coast


Colombia eked out a victory 2-1 over the Ivory Coast, with all 3 goals worthy of a highlight reel. Both teams were trading stretches of possession with swift and lethal counter attacks. I knew that the pace of the game was going to lead to goals, in fact I called it out at halftime:

Yepes for me was the man of the match, constantly snuffing out attacks and winning pretty much every battle in the air. And with the room that Colombia gave the Ivory Coast in the second half to throw in cross after cross his presence was needed. After the Colombian goals and Drogba’s entrance CIV put up a furious push to get the equalizer. And for the most part Colombia held firm except for the weaving run by Gervinho that pulled them within one. Sanchez was a STUD in front of the defenders and cleanly stripped Toure on more than one occasion (#nofear). James (don’t call me James) also had a heck of a match.

With a pass to the 2nd round guaranteed for Colombia look for many substitutions in the 3rd and final game against Japan (pretty sure they’re out). Ivory Coast is in a good spot to advance with a game against Greece up next.

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Uruguay vs. England

Suarez makes a triumphant return with two goals
Suarez makes a triumphant return with two goals. Photo credit GettyImages via

Poor, poor England. I think one of the announcers during the game (it may have been post-match) said it best… (paraphrase) it’s not that England is a bad team, they just aren’t good enough. They attacked fairly well, well enough to get several good scoring chances. They mostly defended well, but in the end came up just a little short on both ends. Rooney played a strong match.

Uruguay found their form again, being efficient offensively and staunch in defense. The 1st Suarez goal was a thing of beauty and the 2nd was a bit of fortune/misfortune depending on which side you’re on.

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Japan vs. Greece

Didn’t watch, so I can’t comment. Final 0-0.

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Italy vs. Costa Rica

Match of the day! Both teams won their 1st match and with Uruguay’s win over England yesterday the winner of this game will be sitting pretty atop the group. If they tie, well then the 3rd match of this group will be VERY interesting…

Italy squeaked by England in the first game looking like a typical Italian squad. Sirigu played well against England, but more will be needed if he’s to be an effective replacement for the greatness of Buffon in goal. Can Pirlo keep pacing himself? If they get a good lead I wonder if he’ll be rested in advance of the final match.

Costa Rica played a game of two halves last week… Lackluster first half with barely any creative options and then totally confused and frustrated a good Uruguay squad in the second. I know which Italy is showing up, but which Costa Rica shows up today?

When: Noon. EST
Where: Arena Pernambuco, Recife, Brazil
TV: ESPN (English), Univision and ESPN Deportes (Spanish)
Online: ESPN3 (U.S.)

Switzerland vs. France

Both teams played well in the opening match. Just like the Italy vs Costa Rica match, this is a matchup of the winners of the group and whoever wins again today will be in a good position to advance.

When: 3PM. EST
Where: Arena Fonte Nova, Salvador, Brazil
TV: ESPN (English), Univision and ESPN Deportes (Spanish)
Online: ESPN3 (U.S.)

Honduras vs. Ecuador

Both teams lost the opener, but Ecuador looked a lot better than Honduras. I’d expect Ecuador to win this match and then the 3rd game of this group will be the deciding factor.

When: 6PM. EST
Where: Arena da Baixada, Curitiba, Brazil
TV: ESPN (English), Univision and ESPN Deportes (Spanish)
Online: ESPN3 (U.S.)