Recaps & Highlights

Italy vs. Costa Rica

Yesterday I wondered which Costa Rica would show up. The team that played the 1st half against Uruguay or the team that played the 2nd half against Uruguay. Well, the 2nd half team showed up and played a full game against the Italians. They defended well, countered well, and held the ball well. They effectively contained Pirlo and Bolateli in winning 1-0.

Part of what makes the Italians so good (usually) is their level-headed-ness in all situations, but this time their lack of urgency in the 2nd half really cost them the match. Sometimes you just need to change gears.

As of right now, with this scoreline England is pretty much out, Costa Rica is pretty much in, and leaves Italy and Uruguay fighting for the 2nd spot. That sets up a CRUCIAL 3rd game in this group, and while England is likely out they can certainly ruin the day for Costa Rica depending on the results of the other game.

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Switzerland vs. France

Ohoh. France has officially put itself on the watchlist. The rofl-stomped a pretty good Swiss team 5-2. I like the way they attack with speed and swiftness, but they can also hold onto the ball when they need to.

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Honduras vs. Ecuador

Ecuador rebounds with a 2-1 victory over a Hondurans team that played much better than they did in the first match. It seems like this World Cup is showing that goals tend to come in bunches.

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Argentina vs. Iran

Argentina should win this easily, but again with this being the World Cup….

When: Noon. EST
Where: Estadio Mineirao, Belo Horizonte, Brazil
TV: ESPN (English), Univision and ESPN Deportes (Spanish)
Online: ESPN3 (U.S.)

Germany vs. Ghana

This should be a good match with both sides capable of nice attacking soccer although I give the defensive edge and composure to Germany. My match of the day.

When: 3PM. EST
Where: Estadio Castelao, Fortaleza, Brazil
TV: ESPN (English), Univision and ESPN Deportes (Spanish)
Online: ESPN3 (U.S.)

Nigeria vs. Bosnia-Herzegovina

I did not see Nigeria’s 1st match against Iran, but judging by the 0-0 draw and their game against the USA pre-world cup I’m going to say Bosnia-Herzegovina should win this match. They’ll need it if they hope to advance to the 2nd round.

When: 6PM. EST
Where: Arena Pantanal, Cuiaba, Brazil
TV: ESPN (English), Univision and ESPN Deportes (Spanish)
Online: ESPN3 (U.S.)