What a great find this is, via @lifehacker -> This Database of Android ROMs Helps You Choose the Best One For You

A comparison of several of the most popular ROMs that are widely available for a variety of devices. At the time I write this, in addition to the tried and true Cyanogenmod there is also one of my personal favs AOKP (home of the Unicorn), along with standouts like MIUI (looks kinda like iPhone), Paranoid Android (creator of HALO), CyanFox, OmniROM, AICP, Carbon, PAC-man, Revolt, SlimBean, Beanstalk, and Vanir.

[Direct link to the Google Docs Spreadsheet is HERE, and the XDA Forum Thread housing the conversation and additional videos is HERE, but I recommend reading LifeHacker’s writeup first]

I found this picture here but I can’t say if that is the original source or not. Regardless… it’s cool looking.

This is particularly useful for anyone who has ever asked me “what do I get if I root my phone?” as you can look over at the “stock” column which is full of X’s and compare to the feature rich columns of the other ROMs.

I have personally tried the following ROMs. My perception might not be representative since I’m on Sprint which, along with Verizon, offer a lot of complications for developers. If you’re on a GSM network you’ll have less quirks.

  • Cyanogenmod – This is currently on my phone. It has a lot of features, is really stable, with great battery life and performance. To be honest, it performs so well it’s a little boring. You can also find a lot of other ROMs which use CM as a base and add more features on top of it from the other ROM developers.
  • AOKP – Also feature rich. It’s a little hard to explain, but AOKP really just feels comfy. Everything is pretty much where I want it. My favorite feature is the ability to turn on/off SWAG at will. Sometimes feels a little heavy compared to others.
  • Paranoid Android – A little less stable, but the creator of HALO notifications and one of the first (if not THE first) to allow changing the UI on any device from tablet-style to phone-style or anywhere in between. Between PIE controls and HALO you can gain a lot of real estate on your home screen by disabling notification bar and onscreen menu buttons.
  • SlimBean – Very stable, very light. Battery life is downright amazing, but this is far from a stripped down ROM. The feature list is right up there with anyone else.

The creator of the database has made a video with a brief overview of the features. It’s worth watching if only to hear his Arnold Schwarzenegger-like accent :)

4 responses to “Android ROM Comparison Table

  1. haha I like your comment about CM, “to be honest, it’s boring”… so true man, getting bored of my CM10.1 so scouring the net for what’s best, thinking slim rom for that mega battery life

  2. Aww not for my S3-i747, I’m pretty satisfied with SlimBean though, happen to know any really good battery saving ROMs like that? I bought a bigger battery (2300mAh) and I’m still only getting 12 hours out of a charge, it’s brutal

  3. I’m feeling the same way. A bit flashaholic, a little bored by CM 10.2 on my GS3. Now crawling the internet to see if there’s sth more “exciting”. That’s how I came here ;-)

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