AICN says Entertainment Weekly says that NBC says they are EXTENDING Knight Rider for a full season.


This show is AWFUL. I don’t critize much TV, because really… I’m easy to please. Just keep me entertained for the hour or half-hour the show is on and I’m good. I don’t expect really great acting on TV, or a plot for that matter. So there really is a short list of “must see TV” that offers some combination of story, acting, plot, etc. I don’t mind if the show has some logical inconsistencies, just keep me entertained with good acting or a good story. My list of shows are Lost (very good), Heroes, Battlestar Galactica (was excellent, now good), Fringe (very good), Chuck, and probably a few others.

Knight Rider, on the other hand has only ONE cool thing to offer. And that is when KITT transforms from one version of himself into another version. It isn’t cool because it’s useful or practical. Only because it’s a neat CG effect. And really, even that one little bit of coolness I roll my eyes at because there is NO REASON for him to do it.

The acting is awful. The scripting is awful. The story is awful. There are logic holes everywhere. I don’t mind logic holes that much (see Heroes for example), but when everything else is awful it really, really just gets on my nerves.

I knew it was going to be a TV show when I saw the mini-movie that they “said” was just to see if there was interest. They did that similar to Battlestar Galactica which was a mini-series first before it becamse a series. They put it out there to see if the public was interested (in BSG’s case they were), and if so then make a series. But the Knight Rider mini-movie was awful, got bad reviews, nobody watched it and they STILL decided to make it a TV show. And now the show is still awful, still getting bad reviews, and still nobody is watching it. So what does NBC do?

They extend it :)

I think the only difference between this show and the -not very good either, but better than this one- Bionic Woman (which was somewhat watchable) is that NBC is getting wads of bills from Ford for pimping their new Mustang.

3 responses to “Say what?!?!

  1. Battle Star Galatica went from Great to TERRIBLE. And Fringe – my wife loves that show. Please tell me you saw the episode a couple of weeks ago where they jump started a car that had been SITTING IN A GARAGE FOR 15 YEARS?! I almost vomited while rolling out of bed. Car tires go flat in a year if they don’t move. All of the fluids (radiator fluid, oil) would have destroyed the engine sitting there for that long…..but he gets it started. COME THE HELL ON!

  2. I still haven’t seen any of that show but I believe u when u say its terrible. the original was also crap but it had two things going for it. 1) david freggin hasselhoff 2) it was the 80s
    ps- have u caught “my own worst enemy”? it has christian slater and a really interesting story idea. check it.

  3. Cliff, don’t you understand? It was a MAGIC car :) Battlestar is making a comeback, mark my words. And besides, after investing all this time in it, you might as well finish the series out. I saw on AICN that the homeworld they landed on wasn’t actually Earth, it was the Cylon homeworld. So there is at least one surprise coming up this year.

    My Own Worst Enemy I think is pretty good. The ol’ lady thinks it’s crap. *shrugs* I lke it. Has an interesting idea, acting is pretty good (except for the handler lady, shes annoying), scripting is good. There are a few logic holes here and there, but it’s overlookable as long as the rest is on point.

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