I stepped outside today and yesterday to borderline freezing temperatures. There was actually frost on my windshield which made me run a few minutes late for work. Yesterday I actually stopped about 3 steps from the front door, realized it was cold, stopped in my tracks, turned around, went back inside, and got a coat and gloves. Then, since it warmed up later in the day, of course, I forgot to bring the coat home. So now I’ve got two of them in my cube.

Anyway, here’s a clip to keep you entertained from Kevin Pereira’s Blog. I watched this for a solid 4 mins chuckling all the way.


[Youtube Mobile Link]

EDIT: Geoff sent me another one…


[Youtube Mobile Link]

2 responses to “The cold has arrived

  1. Dude, the video of the second cat is SCARY. That must be a scene from a low budget horror movie. I was waiting for the cat to finally pull out a knife at the end and stab the person holding the camera. SCARY.

  2. yeah, I thought it was pretty cute at first… until he got closer. And closer. And closer. The ending was a bit anti-climatic, I think they could have used some CGI to spruce it up a bit.

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