Why I’ll be the Best ‘Psycho’ Ex-Girlfriend You’ve Ever Had!
From Craigslist.

Not the *funniest* I’ve ever seen on Best of Craigslist, but a worthy read if you’re sitting on the bus with nothing to do because you don’t have a car anymore (ahem).

Classic line from the story… “Within an hour, you’ll receive 57 new notifications which indicate that I’ve commented on every photo in your album in which you appear with an unidentified female.”

…and “The commotion outside will rouse you from your slumber and you’ll stumble bleary- eyed to the window just in time to see me throw the car in reverse and plow into your beloved Huyndai Elantra.” (this one had me really chuckling).

Fellas, fess up. Who hasn’t been there before?

Ladies, fess up. Who hasn’t DONE that before?


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