Got a few vids for you today.

First up is a promo trailer for the upcoming Lost season 5. I can’t embed it, so click HERE to check it out. Not a lot of info, but just little teases… Like how Jack has to bring everybody back to the island. “Everybody”.

Next is a trailer for the The Watchmen. I just started reading the graphic novel and I’ll say it’s pretty good so far. I’m only on page 50 or so though. The only guy I’ve seen so far with “real” powers is the blue guy, everybody else is normal and in varying degrees of crazy or used to be crazy. Looks like it will be an interesting movie. Anyway, this trailer is from the Spike Awards the other day so it’s a little longer than the previous trailer. I’m digging the music…

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Anybody remember the video “Take on Me”? With part of the video in cartoon world, and the other part in real life? Then the guy tries to crossover from cartoon in reality? If you don’t remember, you will when you see it. Anyway, this is an edited version, the Literal Version. They did a voice-over and are describing what is actually going on on-screen. Really well done. If the embed below doesn’t work, go HERE.

And last, but most DEFINITELY not least… Obama and McCain have a DANCE OFF to settle the presidential debate. With a guest appearance by Tina Fey. The people who worked on this did a fantastic FX job. Again, I can’t embed it… but go check it out HERE.

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  1. the song for the watchmen trailer is actually a smashing pumpkins song. “the end is the begining is the end” or something along those lines. apparantly it was in the batman forever soundtrack. who knew?

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