What are they going to call this generation of morons? We’ve been through the Baby Boomers, Generation X, Generation Y, Generation NeXt, etc. I *swear* this generation is dumber than any previous generation. I don’t recall ever having a conversation with my friends in high school like “Hey Dude, lemme pour gas on you and set you fire while you skateboard down a hill.” I would have been beaten with a shovel.

So here’s one from Break.com via With Leather, this moron wants to jump from his roof… through a basketball hoop… to the ground below. Yep.

Then we’ve got this dummy who wants to treat a concrete wall with a door next to it like a half-pipe. Maybe I shouldn’t assume he thought it through even that far. He probably just decided to ride his bike into a wall for no particular reason. Note to self: I I ever consider doing anything remotely stupid, make sure to have any medically qualified friends watching instead of my idiot friends that will just use the camera to film where my teeth landed.


And this one is for the ladies. Not only is your bum all over the internet, but I bet the bottle rocket left you a nice scar that you’re going to have to cover up with a HUGE butterfly tattoo. drunk girl butt rocket from Break.com.

2 responses to “Idiot Tuesday

  1. Ahhhh sweet youth. But just remember Harv, these are the same people that will be future engineers, bio-chemical specialists, and doctors. DEAR LORD! WE ARE SCREWED!!!! The movie ‘Idiocracy’ rings true once again.

  2. Nah, man. These aren’t future anything… I’m working with these people RIGHT NOW. They’re just in a dress shirt and tie instead of jeans and t-shirt. Otherwise, the exact same mental IQ.

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