Goff’s blog is reporting that DC United defender/midfielder Jeff Carroll has been waived.

The move isn’t surprising, but I have to say I am a little disappointed. I’ve semi-followed this kid’s career for quite a while. He played for my alma-matter (sorta) West Springfield HS. He was the *best* #10 I’ve ever seen in person in that age range, and I’ve seen a lot from playing and coaching. Great with the ball at his feet, decent dribbling skills, great passer of the ball and vision. He had the stamina to come back and get the ball from the defenders and carry it forwards (not a lot can do this for an entire game). Little brother made final cuts on two of the teams Jeff was on (which were nationally ranked by the way). My brother and I both played with the trialists (just once or twice for me, more for lil brother) in the gym before the HS season started (good thing I look young so they wouldn’t think I was some geezer playing).

After all that, he went to St. John and was converted to a defender. I guess it stuck, because he started his career here as a defender and occasional defensive mid.

This year, he spent most of the year sidelined with a foot/toe injury and barely saw the field for the reserves let alone the full team. This could have been a good year for him since there were so many other injuries he might have found some playing time if he wasn’t hurt himself.

Unfortunately, DC United isn’t known for grooming young talent (see Pat Carroll and Dan Stratford as examples on how to ruin confidence) and hopefully he can catch on somewhere else. Good luck Jeff.

Jeff Carroll during a DC United reserve match against KC Wizards. 2008-08-03.
Jeff Carroll during a DC United reserve match against KC Wizards. 2008-08-03.

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  1. yeah I hope he gets picked up somewhere too. if for anything else then bragging rights. as of now I can still say “no I never made my highschool team but I always made it to final cuts on a nationally ranked team where the players all went on to play pro ball.”

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