AICN says there will be some webisodes coming up next month (I’m assuming they mean December). Last time they ran some webisodes, it was the “Resistance” storyline which was, frankly, amazing. If they stay true to form, these webisodes should lead right up to the season 5 premiere in January (the 16th).

From AICN:

The new Battlestar Galactica webisodes “The Face of the Enemy” start going on line next month. Two recurring male characters are revealed to be gay.

Read their article to see *who* they are. Not sure how I feel about that type of revelation. “Not that there’s anything wrong with that” or anything… it’s just that there haven’t been any previous gay or lesbian moments (that I can recall) in the show, so to all of a sudden throw that in just seems a bit odd. I wonder where they are planning to go with that plotline.

On another note, they’ve updated the photo galleries. Well, I just noticed it. Who knows how long it’s actually been there. There are updates in the Ships category and a new Women of Battlestar gallery.

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  1. I’m so bored at work I would actually GLADLY watch this garbage….I mean webisodes. Boredom…..driving me CRAZY.

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