DC United started their preseason this week. Next week they goto Florida to continute training before they go to Honduras to open the CCC tournament.

Sooo… the question is… Should I go to Florida to catch a preseason game or two?

The pros:

  • Its warm down there. Its cold up here.
  • Get a sneak peek at how the team will do before anybody else does
  • Get to continue to try out my new camera
  • Visit a friend in Tampa, and my brother in Melbourne

The Cons:

  • Ummm. Work.
  • Do I have vacation time?
  • The trip costs money in plane, hotel (unless I bum at friends/family), and car rental.

I have to make a choice soon so I can make arrangements.

Here’s the schedule from DC United’s website.

D.C. United 2007 Preseason Schedule (all times EST):
Monday, January 29 – Sunday, February 4: Training in Washington, D.C.
Monday, February 5: Depart for Bradenton, FL
Tuesday, February 6: Match v. Odense Boldklub (4 p.m.)
Friday, February 9: Reserve match v. New York (10 a.m.)
Sunday, February 11: Match v. Columbus, reserves and senior team (10 a.m.)
Wednesday, February 14: Match v. New York (10 a.m.)
Sunday, February 18: Match v. Kansas City (10 a.m.)

Monday, February 19: Depart Bradenton for Honduras
Wednesday, February 21: CONCACAF Champions’ Cup match @ CD Olimpia (9 p.m.)
Thursday, February 22: Return to Washington, D.C.
Friday, February 23 – Wednesday, February 28: Training in Washington, D.C.
Thursday, March 1: CONCACAF Champions’ Cup match v. CD Olimpia (7 p.m.)

The ones in bold are the matches I could possibly go see.

5 responses to “To go, or not to go

  1. Not only should you go, you should never come back. Get a job as bartender. Live the life of Tom Cruise from the movie ‘Cocktails.’ Escape the Vietnam Tiger Cage at all costs.

  2. So—have you decided to go, or no?
    We need you in Florida so that you can provide “eyes on the guys”—and so that you can continue writing your gems each day! Your updates are important.
    Thx for everything!!

  3. Wish I could go!

    My brother finally got back to me so I could coordinate with him and meet up, but by that time the ticket prices were WAY more than I wanted to spend. So unfortunately, I won’t be able to go. I hope to make it to preseason next year. I’ll update any news I get here, and if you hear or see anything interesting, please let me know!

  4. Too bad you won’t be going down!
    We’re having a hard time trying to figure out what’s going on with regards to playing time and the coach’s impressions. The rookies seem to be working hard. Ricky called about an hour ago to say that he only played for a few minutes but that everyone had gotten on the field. What does it all mean—-???

  5. If my brother had only called a few days earlier I could have arranged it, but alas ’twas not mean to be…

    Diceson has a match report from the Columbus game here (http://www.thesoccershow.net/2007/02/dc-v-columbus-021107.html), in which he says all the reserves looked like they were “trying to hard”.

    I’d be curious to know what position he came is being played at. Seems like his best bet to get a roster spot is at backup forward or winger, where we are thin. I wouldn’t stress too much over playing time, it may mean something… or it may mean nothing. Maybe they are only giving time to players who are “on the bubble” and players they have already made up their mind about they leave out. Or maybe those that are getting playing time is because they are already set and the staff is trying to get them in shape. It’s hard to say.

    Also, if you haven’t already found it, the DC United forums at BigSoccer are a great source of info as well. http://www.bigsoccer.com/forum/forumdisplay.php?s=&forumid=13

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