If ever there was a blog more deserving of a slow clap, I havent seen it yet.

Kevin looking sharpKevin Pereira Looking sharp. Photo from his MySpace Profile. Kevin looking sharpKevin Pereira looking… um… different. Photo from his MySpace Profile.

One Mr. Kevin Pereira (a Cable Television Darling), host of G4TV’s Attack of the Show with the lovely co-host Olivia Munn writes about a recent trip through airport security in his post title “Guilty Until Proven Innocent“. If you’ve seen Kevin on TV before, his blog reads just like he talks, so its an ammusing read. Heres an excerpt:

Just when I thought it couldn’t get any more laughable then having to slip off my Sketchers sandals before a dose of radiation, along comes the great “liquids and gels” fiasco. It’s as if the lords of security keep stumbling upon new nonsense commandments to force upon their flock.

And here’s another:

At that point I realized I could care less about losing my Aquafresh; this was now about proving I wasn’t some evil-doer trying to slip one by a skillful government agent. I felt, in that moment I had to now fight for my honor, even though I was losing my last remaining shreds of dignity in the process. It was David versus the clearly-printed-guidelines-Goliath!

And finally:

I should note that any sentence containing “…I’m a member of some crazy Islamo-fascist terrorist organization” is not one that should probably be uttered when you’re inches away from a carry-on X-ray machine and well within earshot of intimidating K-9-toting members of law enforcement. But my new audience didn’t concern me; I carry an ACLU card which gives me plus ten to “Speech Freedom”, apparently. I bravely pressed forward.

Folks, ya’ll have GOT to read this. Go there now. What are you waiting for?

Kevin brings up a REALLy good point. And its not to be difficult, or just unreasonable, because really, at the end of the day its all about our safety. The guards and security we trust to make sure all passengers getting on the plane are safe at some point have to take a leap in common sense judgement. If somebody brings on a gallon container, but its labeled “3 ounces” will they let him on simply because the rules say its OK to bring up to “3 ounces”?

I understand from the security point of view, that you need some sort of standard to adhere to. The more decisions you place in the hands of ill-trained personnel, the more you will have issues where one gate won’t let you through, and another gate will. [For evidence of this, just goto a DC United soccer game and try to get a water bottle through security.] But there has to be a solution, maybe sombody a little smarter than me will figure it out.