Steven Goff (aka “Da Man”) has a new article up at “Making Most of a Cold Chance” covering the start of preseason training for DC United from rookie Ricky Schramm’s point of view.

If you don’t know, Schramm was a 3rd round draft pick by DC United and he is attending Georgtown University. He scored something like 39 goals in 78 games (I’m too lazy to look it up, just trust my shady memory), but didn’t get a whiff of interest from anybody. Until, that is he compiled a DVD of his highlights and shipped it off to all MLS teams. Then he got som interest from DC and LA Galaxy. Good job buddy.

DC United on the first day of preseason training. Notice rookie Ricky Schramm is the only one without pants, and Ben Olsen (aka Grizzly Adams) the only one without a hoodie. Click for larger image. Photo from

Anyway, its a good read as most of Goff’s articles are (don’t forget to check his blog Soccer Insider too). It has some insight into the life of a rookie in MLS trying to make it on the squad. A rookie who has only an outside chance of making the team, and even if he does make it is looking at potentially only making a little over $12,000 per year. Such is the life of a rookie playing soccer in the United States. You do it for the dream, and nothing else.

Another article by Goff “United Roster Still Taking Shape” leaves me a bit worried. Actually, it doesn’t really have anything to do with the article, but rather the lack of off-season signings and the jettisoning of numerous players. In the starting lineup, we really only have one hole (outside mid) which can be filled by somebody already on the roster, but I’m also concerned about depth. One injury to any position other than defensive midfield (with Brian Carroll, Clyde simms, Jeff Carroll all primed for that spot) and we are in deep, deep trouble. With the CONCACAF Champions Cup (CCC) starting soon I wonder if we have the weapons to advance. We’ll see I guess…

Other links:

David Lifton of the Screaming Eagles Podcast has a report from the first day of training camp, you can get it here.

And of course, The DCenters has a small post on the topic of preseason, but the real kicker is this quote of a quote in the examiner by Ben Olsen in this post.

Although it will be a long season, Olsen figures it will be easier to handle under Soehn, whose coaching style is less intense than Nowak’s.

“It’s not too much. Fortunately, Tommy’s in charge now. With Peter, it’d be way too much,” Olsen said. “Tommy will do a good job with managing us throughout the season.”

I have said it so many times now… Nowak ran these guys into the ground the last two season. Hopefully this will mean that Moreno, Gomez, Olsen are wellrested at the end of the year. Moreno last two years in a row ends up walking after about 60-70 mins OR he just walks from minute 1. Lets sub him out every once in a while and keep him fresh. That way one of your oldest players isn’t also leading you in minutes played.