United Seeking Foreign Assistance by Steven Goff at washingtonpost.com

Goff touches on several subjects, most significantly being the falling thru of one Brazilian signing and the news of another one. Apparently the Ruy deal has fallen apart (not sure on why), so now we are looking again for a winger. The big news, and this seems like a really good signing is of Brazilian born striker Luciano Emilio who is playing for Olympia in Honduras. Coincidentally, this is the same team we’re playing in the CONCACAF Champions Cup in February. DC United tried to sign him a few years ago in 2004 I think, but we could not meet his salary demands at that time.

To me this signing looks much more definite, and I think its a great move if it turns out to be true. He has been one of the leading scorers in Honduras, and while not a big guy is fast and a good finisher. Jaime Moreno needs a foil, a complement, to his style and while I was hoping for a large target forward, I think this may be just as good. This guy will play the off-side line and force the defense to mark him, hopefully taking some pressure off of Gomez and Moreno. If they have even just a little bit more space than last year look for them to have a banner year in scoring.

The draft picks that were chosen seem to be pretty good (per feedback on BigSoccer) and they are all rather large.

From Goff’s article:

With the 11th overall pick, United selected U.S. under-20 national team midfielder Bryan Arguez, who many observers thought would not be available so late in the first round. Arguez, who will turn 18 today, is 6 feet 2, 165 pounds, prefers to play in the middle of the field and has the ability to break down defenses with his ball skills.

United also acquired Brad North, a 6-1 forward who scored 39 goals in 78 games for Northwestern; Southern Methodist defender Jay Needham, a first-team all-American and one of three finalists for the Hermann Trophy, given to college soccer’s player of the year; Georgetown forward Ricky Schramm, who had 39 goals in 77 appearances; and Portland goalie Luis Robles, who had a 1.18 goals against average in his college career.

So we’ve got 6’2″ midfielder Arguez, 6’1″ forward North (39 goals in 78 games), 6’2″ midfielder Needham, and 5’11” forward Schramm (39 goals in 77 games). That is a significant upgrade to our field of midgets that we usually put out for games. Let’s just hope that at least some of these guys can hang around and make an impact in the years to come.

Dan Steinberg the writer of the D.C. Sports Bog has an interesting blog about Ricky Schramm (from local Georgetown University) and his story about the journey to MLS. Link to Meet Your New D.C. United Draft Picks: Ricky Schramm.

EDIT: a link to The DCenters blog. They are much more knowledgeable about the draftees then I.
DCU’s #11 Selection Is…Bryan Arguez, Midfielder. Brad North selected 2nd round. Needham and Schramm in 3rd. (The DCenters)

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  2. Dear Dan
    What a terrific story! Thank you for taking the time to interview Ricky and for putting together an insightful piece. Ricky’s entire soccer career has been supported on a grassroots level by former coaches, family members and friends. I often say to other parents who ask how to best guide their kids with regards to playing soccer in college and beyond that its like falling into a black hole. There isn’t any “best way” or “right way” to pursue a soccer career in the USA—you just strap on your metophorical armor and charge in. Again, thank you so much for letting folks get to know our son. We are very proud of him!
    Lise and Rick Schramm

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