I put a question mark since I’m not real sure about the source. I found it on BigSoccer, so take it with a grain of salt…

From El Kapitan (BigSoccer Link):
Today from a Honduras newspaper:


The article says that Luciano Emilio, brazilian striker of Olimpia (Honduras), was signed by DC United for 4 years, the article also includes quotes from the player saying that he’s sorry for leaving Olimpia, but that the officers of the club took much time to make an offer to retain him, and that’s why he decided to leave.

It mentions that his first official commitment with DC United would be facing his former club Olimpia on the CCC, and finally the writer makes the claim that officers of DC United would invest millions in signing other players to make DC one of the best clubs in MLS.

The name sounds familiar, and if I’m not mistaken is a guy we tried to get a few years back. We’ll see how this pans out, but at this point we are going to have serious difficulties integrating new players into the lineup before the CONCACAF Champions Cup starts in February…