One is um… interesting. The other is quite shocking.

First the shocking one. An unsubstantiated rumor from Ain’t It Cool News says:

UPDATE!! Horrifying Rumor!!
Black Friday For GALACTICA??

I am – Hercules!!
From an untested source. If this is someone frakking with us we will strike at him down with the all the fury and anger AICN can muster:

One of my co-workers is the sister of a Battlestar Galactica [staff function deleted]. She says he just told her the show wasn’t being renewed!

Get to the bottom of this!!!

UPDATE!! reports a SciFi publicist has denied this rumor.
SciFi begins transmitting the latter half of season three on Jan. 21.

I really just can’t believe this. There is no way that Sci-Fi channel drops this show. It is one of their most-viewed (if not the most viewed) shows and has a huge following. Not just geeks like me watch this show either. There are tons of regular peeps who watch this show too. Now I could understand if maybe the show came to an end (they found Earth) or is somehow tied into this next rumor.

Also from Ain’t It Cool News:

Movie Goes Forward,
What Might It Be About??

I am – Hercules!!

Even as that nasty (and as yet wholly unsubstanciated) rumor – that “Battlestar Galactica” will not receive a fourth season – festers in our imaginations, we just got a hint of what the proposed “Galactica” made-for-DVD movie could be about. If true, it’s big, and begs for invisotext:

“It’s going to be ‘Pearl Harbor,’ and we’ll see the return of the Pegasus. The story takes place during the time after the Cylon attack as seen in the mini-series.”

This comes from a source that’s a known quantity. Still, take it as rumor for now, and remember that no movie gets made unless the series gets its fourth season.

So that frakking “no season four” rumor just better be frakking wrong.

The only reason I can think of them putting a movie is to somehow close the book on the storyline and show them finding Earth. But I just think that is something too good for network TV to pass up. Can you imagine the buildup in that final season as they build to a crescendo and promote those last few episodes? Just look at how they build up in 24 each season to the finale. BSG would up that by ten-fold, I’m sure.