Well it technically started last night. I had so much laundry to do I had litterally started piling it on top of the hamper. I resorted to this only after I had squashed so much into the hamper that it would no longer shut and the clothes had lost their normally “cloth-like” feel and instead were compressed to the point of rigidity. Anyway, so after a birthday dinner with the folks I started on my amazing pile of laundry. Around about 10pm I starte getting sleepy (as I usually do) and decided I would nap on the sofa and hope the buzzer from the dryer would wake me up.

Well, I woke up around 4am and happily started folding. Needless to say I was sleepy this morning.

Then I woke up late. About 40mins late to be exact and had to hurry out the house.

Then traffic sucked. Well, actually thats normal, so no worries there.

Then after I parked I got out like I normally do. And I put my coffee mug on the roof like I normally do (guess where this is going…). Then I reached in to get my bag…. And the coffee mug decided it would like to go back to sleep and lie down (I can’t really blame it). The problem is since it was full of coffee, the coffee had to escape. And escape it did, all over the roof of my car. And all over my arm, hip and waist as I reached to try and catch it. Then all over the side of my car. I fully expect to find a colony of ants who have moved in and built a house on the side of my car.

Fortunately, I happen to have a spare pair of pants in the car. Only I couldn’t change into it because at precisely the same time that I had pulled into my spot, a lady had pulled into the spot right next to me. She happened to also be climbing out of the car at approximately the same time that my coffee mug decided to take a nap. So I decided I’d wait for a few seconds until she walked away. Oh Lordy…

I cleaned up the roof of the car. I cleaned up the side of the car. The window. I dug out the pants from a bag in the backseat. I looked up and SHE WAS STILL THERE. What is she doing? I opened my front door, pretended to fiddle around with my bag. Close the front door and opened the rear door and pretended to fiddle around with something in there. I noticed that I was stepping in a puddle of coffee. Cursed. Pretended to fiddle some more. SHE WAS STILL THERE. Crikey!

OK, so after what seemed like an eternity she finally left and I was able to change my pants. Lets hope the rest of the day is better…

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  1. Dude, you should have just walked into the office and yelled, “Harv’s in the house!!! I’m late and I just shit my pants….SO DON’T MIND THE STAIN!”

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