But, shhhhh! don’t tell anybody!

Really, honestly, I don’t want the attention. Just drop the cake and/or presents off at my desk and walk away slowly and quietly so no one gets hurt.

I’ve been trying to do as little work today as possible since its, you know… my birthday, and the internet just isn’t cooperating today. Kinda like your cable TV with 800 channels and you STILL can’t find anything to watch. Well, there are billions of pages to surf and I could only find one thing to entertain me…

Brutally Honest Personals. Over at Esquire.com. Reminds me of those MadTV skits “Lowered Expectations” :)

I guess I’ll just have to do some work today then…

One response to “Its my Birthday!

  1. i read this but didn’t see the happy birthday thing… omg i’m an air head! =) happy birthday you dirty 50 year old man!

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