…Due to the lumber I had in my car since monday night. (No that’s not a reference to my manhood, ladies)

As most of you all know, Luke (the dog) has not been doing well lately. He has been dealing with some sort of degenerative nerve disease/problem that has caused lameness in his rear legs. So this summer, and the last few weeks in particular he has been having alot of trouble walking and getting up.

The lumber was for a ramp that i just made to allow him to get up two steps to the back porch. He was really struggling to make it up the steps. Normally, I wouldn’t mention such a thing, but I must say that I am awfully proud of myself.

With the help of a very nice, although darn near unintelligible (thick accent) Home Depot employee I was able to pick out a couple of planks of wood and have them cut to size. The wood stayed in my car for about a day until I could take it out Tuesday afternoon. With my girlfriend’s help in about 20mins I had hammered the planks together and tacked on some outdoor carpet. I’m proud because not only did I *make* a functioning piece of equipment (hasn’t fallen apart yet), but I did so without losing any fingers, impaling my hand, or even getting a splinter.

Luke took a bit of prompting (i.e. food) to use it, but it seems like it works well for him. Hopefully his last few weeks or months will be a little more comfortable…

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