Push here when ready…

OK, it is long past the time to push this button. The Redskins have been stomped *yet again* in the preseason.

Yes, I know its “only” preseason. I know that Gibbs normally has a dreadful preseason record and goes onto have a great regular season. I know all that. But usually, there is some reason for optimism, some sign of life, some hint or clue that things are not as bad as they seem.

But the preseason also gives us an indicator of where we have some problems.

Remember in Gibbs’ first year when Brunell looked like absolute donkey crap wrapped in radioactive waste? And Ramsey looked just as bad as Brunell? Tim Hasselbeck looked like Joe Montana in comparison. And the nay-sayers said “Hey! QB is gonna be a problem for us!”, people said “Don’t worry, its just preseason and it will be OK once the regular season starts.”… HA. What a lie. QB was a problem for the whole season and you could argue that it was still a problem last year. AND I would argue that its still a problem THIS year.

Well, this preseason, we’ve seen issues with:

  • The Offensive Line. This was supposed to be our rock, our foundation. Jansen, Samuels and Thomas were pro-bowl caliber players last year. Rabach was a pro-bowl caliber player before coming to the Redskins, and Dockery was on the verge of being a top lineman. But this preseason they all look like scrubbs. Can’t run-block, and definitely can’t pass-block. Brunell was on the run all night long
  • The Running Backs. After Portis’ opening 8 yard run in the first game (and subsequent seperated shoulder defending an interception return) we have seen diddly-poo in this department. Betts, Rock, and now TJ Duckett had a chance to put a lock on the #2 spot and make the choices for the coached real easy. But nope… nada.
  • The Defense as a whole. At first we saw some flashes of last years defense. Getting in the backfield, causing problems, heavy hitting, swarming to the ball. Then they gave up a couple of long drives. Then they gave up a couple of big plays. Then they gave up a whole lot of big plays mixed in with long drives. The problem seems to be penetration (get your mind out of the gutter Chris), as in we aren’t getting any. The line is swept away like the Red Sea by Moses and the linebackers get to take on pulling guards 5 yards deep. We can’t get any pressure on the QB with a base 4 or 5 man rush, and when we rush more than that we don’t get there anyway and are burned by 1v1 matchups.
  • The Defensive Secondary. Specifically the safeties. I keep waiting for that bone-crushing hit by Taylor or Achuleta that will end up on SportsCenter’s Plays of the Week. Shawn Springs loss hasn’t been drastic, but noticeable nontheless. I think he gives the defensive line that extra half-second to get to the QB. Carlos Rogers is producing well, but his partner on the other side is questionable. We traded for Mike Rumph who was a late 1st rounder back in 2002 from U. of Miami, who promptly became a whipping boy in San Francicso. So far, he seems to be fitting in to Greg William’s defense, but we’ll see how it plays out as the season goes on.

Honestly, I can’t see any real hope except for the fact that we have to get better. Certainly it can’t get any worse…

(Oh man I hope not…)

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  1. Just become a Miami Dolphins fan. We are going to the Super Bowl this year. COME OVER TO THE DARKSIDE!

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