I can’t believe that there is yet _ANOTHER_ Lord of the Rings DVD!

From this link at Lord of The Rings website they are prodcuing yet ANOTHER set of DVDs.

So why exactly should I buy THIS version? I certainly don’t know. I already own the 57 CD set when it came out. You know the one where each movie’s case was a different color (red, blue and green) and the movie was on 2 DVDs and all the extra features were on several other discs. Those DVDs went into every single detail in the featurettes, behind the scenes, artwork, etc about the locations, process, cameras. You could even see them eating lunch.

This is becoming a disturbing trend in the industry. First they give out a version with only the movie. Then comes the 2 Disc “special edition” with behind the scenes. Then the 4 Disc “Collector’s edition”. Then the 10 Disc “Special Collector’s Limited Edition” (the one I have, btw). And that’s just for cheesy B movies. For good movies they usually kick out about 8 or 9 different versions.