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I’m signed up for an e-newsletter called Screening Room. Basically, it’s just a list of what is up and coming and movie releases. Sometimes they have free goodies on there. Today there are a few that folks might be interested in. Plot is provided by Amazon. I don’t know how long they will stay … Continued

Star Wars: Clone Wars season 2 trailer

I haven’t seen a premiere date yet, which is what i’m really interested in. I thought the first season of the all CGI Clone Wars was “entertaining”, but not as good as the original Clone Wars cartoon series. This season is supposed to be a little darker, a little more mature. According to this link … Continued

Lost Comic-Con panel

Damn AICN is on point. Check out their write-up of the Lost panel at Comic-Con. Sounds like the panel and audience had a real good time. No spoilers that I can see from the transcript, but I’ve yet to watch all the footage. Follow the link to AICN where you can view the panel footage … Continued

Stargate Universe trailer

This looks way different compared to the older Stargate SG-1 and Stargate Atlantis series. The plot revolves around a group getting stranded on a spaceship with a stargate on it. The ship is on an unstoppable course heading out of the galaxy, and the stargate connects with planets it comes near. So the crew can … Continued

Friday Videos

On a much brighter note. This week AICN had a few clips of the upcoming “V” remake to air on ABC. I fondly remember the original “V” miniseries. You probably do to. It is essentially, a story that has been seen many times. Stranger shows up, seems friendly, but in reality hides a dark secret. … Continued