On a much brighter note. This week AICN had a few clips of the upcoming “V” remake to air on ABC.

I fondly remember the original “V” miniseries. You probably do to. It is essentially, a story that has been seen many times. Stranger shows up, seems friendly, but in reality hides a dark secret. In this version, some aliens show up in big motherships, and hover above every major city on earth. They say they come in peace, and offer to trade technology for some resources. Turns out they want to just eat us. Eventually, some people find out that they are really just lizards dressed like humans, and a resistance is formed. Spoiler Alert: Humanity wins.

I’ll embed a clip here, but check AICN’s link for more. There are some good/recognizable actors here like Firefly’s lovely Morena Baccarin (looks better with long hair), Elizabeth Mitchell from Lost, Scott Wolf, Smallville’s SuperGirl Laura Vandervoort, and Alan Tudyk also of Firefly.

And here’s the trailer from youtube.


One response to “Friday Videos

  1. dude- i totally remember “V”

    all you had to do to be an alien on that show was wear sunglasses, remember? everyone was all like “oh cool they are aliens that look like us.” and then one bad guy got some of his face ripped off and he was a nasty lizard on the inside.

    cant wait for that.

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