Cure for HIPSTER

“are you wearing jeans you stole from your little sister”? Well played good sir. Well played… Via George Takei’s Facebook page. Youtube link for mobile.

Harlem Shake Nerd Edition

Woah the Harlem Shake has stormed the internet. I have no idea where the song came from, or where the “shake” came from (altho Leo has an idea below). But frankly, I’m glad it’s here. When it’s done well it is really funny. When done really poorly it’s also really funny. Mediocrity is boring though…. … Continued

BP Spills Coffee

Before I get to a great Youtube skit about BP executives… If you haven’t already seen it, PLEASE go check out BPGlobalPR at That dude is HILARIOUS. They are pretending to be real BP executives tweeting about all of their missteps. Some of their goodies include: MMS approved 13 new BP deepwater wells! We’ll … Continued