Before I get to a great Youtube skit about BP executives… If you haven’t already seen it, PLEASE go check out BPGlobalPR at That dude is HILARIOUS. They are pretending to be real BP executives tweeting about all of their missteps.

Some of their goodies include:

MMS approved 13 new BP deepwater wells! We’ll be sending a really nice cocaine and whores gift basket.

New estimates place oil leak at 40,000 barrels a day, but keep in mind that OH MY GOD WHAT’S THAT BEHIND YOU?! #timetorun

DO NOT ask your reps to support Clean Energy. Buying their votes back will take a lot of money away from the cleanup effort. #bpcares

Surprised ourselves by getting emotional on the coast today. Turns out the wind blew dispersant in our eyes. #BPrebrand

[Update: Due to some copyright notice or another the first link has expired]

OK, on to the youtubes (BP Spills Coffee sketch comedy via Dvorak)…


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  1. doode that is HILARIOUS. I am now following the bp people on twitter. Other funny notables on twitter are “goddamnbatman” and “jesus”

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