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Argentina vs. Iran

Argentina vs. Iran, 2014 World Cup: Lionel Messi rescues Albiceleste
Argentina vs. Iran, 2014 World Cup: Lionel Messi rescues Albiceleste. Credit Paul Gilham/Getty Images via

Iran gave Argentina all they can handle, and held Nigeria to a 0-0 draw. I put them in the category with Australia as teams who lost but can go home with their heads held high. Argentina was saved by a late Messi goal and was fortunate that Iran didn’t score on one of the many chances they had.

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Germany vs. Ghana

Did I mention this was my match of the day? Excellent match, full speed for 90mins and a top-notch ending. Klose scored a few minutes after he took the field to tie the record for most World Cup goals. Germany showed they are a deep team by bring stud after stud off the bench. I feel a little better about the Ghana/USA match now that Ghana gave Germany all they can handle. This tie sets up the USA Portugal match as super important since the US can clinch a pass to the 2nd round with a victory.

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Nigeria vs. Bosnia-Herzegovina

Poor Bosnia! With this loss they are out of the World Cup. They have a HORRIBLE referee call and an own-goal to thank for their exit. They’re one of the better teams that is getting an early boot. Nigeria looked much better in this match than against Iran, although the tie with Iran looks a lot better now after they gave Argentina a rough time.

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Belgium vs. Russia

Pretty good Belgium side faces a Russian side that had a shaky first match against S. Korea.

When: Noon. EST
Where: Estadio do Maracana, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
TV: ABC (English), Univision and ESPN Deportes (Spanish)
Online: ESPN3 (U.S.)

South Korea vs. Algeria

Loser of this match is probably out.

When: 3PM. EST
Where: Estadio Beira-Rio, Porto Alegre, Brazil
TV: ABC (English), Univision and ESPN Deportes (Spanish)
Online: ESPN3 (U.S.)

United States vs. Portugal

MATCH OF THE DAY!!!!!!^^^#%#$$@(&*%$

USA can clinch a pass to the second round with a victory. A win by Portugal puts the whole group in a huge mess. Does Portugal recover from their 1st game stomping by Germany, or fold like Spain did? USA played a horrible match against Ghana, lost Altidore to a hamstring injury, and had several muscle fatigue related injuries during the match but managed to squeak out a victory. Who will take over for Altidore and how will the team play in his absence. This will be a tough match for the US even if Portugal is not mentally 100%.

When: 6PM. EST
Where: Arena Amazonia, Manaus, Brazil
TV: ESPN (English), Univision and ESPN Deportes (Spanish)
Online: ESPN3 (U.S.)