“Why did you do that”

“Because it’s the Standard thing to do”

“You’re such a conformist!”

Since when is conforming a bad thing to do? Most of the time what Most people are doing is Mostly the right thing to do. Not always, of course. But usually, if you follow the crowd you’re all heading in the same direction.

  • You live indoors don’t you? You’re a conformist.
  • Do you use a toilet? You’re a conformist.
  • Are you reading this on the internet? You’re a conformist.
  • Do you have clothes on? You’re a conformist.

Let’s not confuse this with a blanket YOU SHOULD ALWAYS CONFORM. Because that’s just crazy. Many will say “everyone is doing it”, but it’s really only some small subset of people you know. Or perhaps…

XKCD: Bridge
XKCD: Bridge via XKCD

…sometimes your friends are all idiots.