Day 2. So far so good :)


Brasil 3 – Croatia 1

A few take aways while watching the game…

  1. Brasil will have their usual problem in defense. Specifically the all important trio of two central defenders and the goalie. This has always been a weakness and will continue to be. Croatia did an excellent job of running across the face of the defenders and almost had several goals to show for it.
  2. Brasil has a very deep bench. Not a lot of teams can bring in subs who play as well or better than those they replaced.
  3. Croatia will give a tough outing to anyone they face. They did lose their discipline to an extent after about 20-30mins, giving Brasil more space and room to run at them. Their back 4 was really solid though throughout the game.
  4. While Brasil didn’t do a “lot” of diving through the match, they did leave a big stain on this opening match with the blatant dive for the penalty kick that ultimately proved to be the deciding goal. I don’t blame the center referee **too much** because from the angle he was at all he could see was the Croatian hand on the shoulder of Fred and then Fred goes flying. That’s where you need help from the ARs or the 4th official. And really I’d like to see FIFA come in after the match and serve some type of suspension or fine for such a criminal dive.


Mexico vs Cameroon

These guys are fighting with Croatia for the 2nd spot in the group. I’m rooting for Mexico, personally. A draw doesn’t help either side, a win is excellent and whoever loses will be in bad shape because they then need points against Brasil AND Croatia.

When: Noon. EST
Where: Estadio das Dunas, Natal, Brazil
TV: ESPN2 (English), Univision and ESPN Deportes (Spanish)
Online: ESPN3 (U.S.)

Spain vs Netherlands

Hands-down the match of the day. I expect goals, and I expect LOVELY soccer.

When: 3PM EST
Where: Arena Fonte Nova, Salvador, Brazil
TV: ESPN (English), Univision and ESPN Deportes (Spanish)
Online: ESPN3 (U.S.)

Chile vs Australia

Chile should win this match handily, they’ve got a nice balanced squad with quick and skillful players everywhere. But this is the World Cup and stranger things have happened. The Aussies won’t go down without a fight.

When: 6PM EST
Where: Arena Pantanal, Cuiabá, Brazil
TV: ESPN2 (English), Univision and ESPN Deportes (Spanish)
Online: ESPN3 (U.S.)