Hooray for 1-1 draws!

Like I mentioned before, I think a draw is “OK” for both sides in terms of qualifying for the next round. However, from a psychological standpoint I’m sure England is a little down as I’m sure they fully expected to carry 3 points from this match. The USA got what they hoped for, if not what they expected.

England has to be looking at the rest of this group and wondering if it will be as easy as they thought it would be.

USA has to look at the rest of the group and NOT have a letdown. On  paper, they should be favored against the other two, but as England just found out… games aren’t won on paper.

I was working during the game, so I don’t have a really in-depth analysis (maybe later after a second viewing), but overall I was pretty pleased with the performance. The central duo of Clark/Bradley effectively negated England’s vaunted duo of Lampard/Gerard (well, except for Gerard’s goal of course). We didn’t get beaten like a drum down the wings as I feared we would. Findley was a surprise starter and did OK, but I’d expect to see Buddle get the nod from here on.

And ultimately, it came down to the keepers, where the USA’s Tim Howard stood up like a champ and England’s Robert Green folded like a lawn chair.

Here’s what other’s are saying:

Reactions To US-England (wvhooligan.com)

Then there was Dempsey. The nifty little play on Gerrard to get the goal was something special. Sure the shot wasn’t the greatest and the keeper Robert Green should have had it but it was a goal that the U.S. would take any day of the week. Getting a goal so late in the first half (40th minute) really helped the U.S. going into the locker room at the half.

U.S. – England Post-match Quote Sheet (ussoccer.com)

Coach Bob Bradley On the early goal by England:
“I think that play started with a throw-in, the ball went back to Lampard and we stepped up to close him down. Next thing you know, there’s a big hole in our back line. When you use the word manage, the ability to control certain situations and not over-commit, I think England made us pay. But it forced us to get ourselves going into the game very quickly after that because there’s no more time to play your way in, you’re already down a goal.”

Midfielder Clint Dempsey On his game-tying goal:
“These balls move so much if you just hit them on goal you’ll have a chance. It’s one of those goals you always say ‘Why can’t I get one like that?’ and I’m happy to have scored in both World Cups I’ve participated in.”

U.S. Earns a 1-1 Draw Against England to Open Play in the 2010 FIFA World Cup (ussoccer.com)

Match report.

Soccer fans bring flags, fervor to Dupont Circle (WashingtonPost.com)

You MUST check out the photo gallery from Dupont Circle here.

By 2:30 p.m., when the United States kicked off against England in their first game of the World Cup, Dupont Circle was a sea of sweaty bodies, face paint, flags and plastic noisemakers tooting like hyperactive foghorns.

At World Cup, Team USA and England battle to tie (WashingtonPost.com)

Match report.

At World Cup, Team USA-England game hinges on goalkeepers Tim Howard, Robert Green (WashingtonPost.com)

A focus on the goalkeepers.

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