I’m sure I sound like a broken record, but again, another busy week for me. Real busy. And dealing with ‘tards every where I look. My pleasant Friday morning (working remotely, coffee in hand, still in PJs) was interupted by an email trying to send me work.

We have a procedure for doing work, it must be submitted through the proper people before it gets to any of us graphic artists. There are tons of reasons for this, not the least of which is people are a pain in the ass and need a check. Plus mundane stuff like version control, balancing workload among various graphic artists, quality control, etc.

So this clod has already been told, when you have graphics take them to a manager. Well, for some reason he felt like he didn’t need to. So I emailed him back, all respectful-like (those of you that know me, know I carefully craft my emails), and said he needed to submit it through the proper channels.

So then clod #2 (probably a little higher up the food chain, I don’t know) sends me an email basically saying “hey buddy, work on this graphic please. I am giving you permission/authorization. Thanks!”

So now I’m worked up. It’s not even 9:30am yet. This Clod doesn’t have the authority to approve a post-it note for me, much less what I will and won’t be working on.  Did you not read the email I just sent? MUST BE SENT THROUGH PROPER CHANNEL. YOU are NOT the proper channel. Moron.

Fortunately, before I could craft a snarky, yet professional, reply to the effect of “Hey Stupid, can you read? Instead of writing me an email, SUBMIT THE GRAPHIC PROPERLY. Thank you, come again.” the manager in charge IM’ed our coordinator that she would handle it once she got out of a meeting. Kudos to her (I didn’t think she had it in her) for laying the smack-down and reminding them of her previous reminder to submit through proper channels.

Is the day over yet?