Big ups to whoever this Tom Mabe guy is. I don’t normally deal with telemarketers because, well, I never answer my phone. But on the rare occasion they catch me I try to politely say “no thank you”. When they ignore that and sound surprised that I don’t want to buy a 1,000 count box of platinum sporks for 37 easy payments of $49.99 then I tend to get a little angrier. I just wish I had the patience to do what this guy does. Note, don’t play the video if you are at all offended by references to a cute mexican midget.


Even if a telemarketer might actually offer me something I want (I know, hard to believe but theres the whole infinite monkey theory) I will not buy it from a telemarketer. Why? Because the reason we get these calls is because the companies know for every 100 people who hang up on you, there is that ONE SUCKER who purchases, and that makes it worthwhile for them to call another 100 people. So if everybody stopped buying from telemarketers then it would no longer be worth it to them and they would stop. It’s all about profit. If it’s unprofitable, they will stop. Throwing a tantrum and yelling at the clod making minimum wage + commision or their supervisor isn’t going to make a lick of difference. Just stop buying from telemarketers.