Sorry folks, it’s not my review as I don’t have a gaming console. This superbly super game is out for the PS3, the XBox, the Wii, the PSP, and the DS (did I miss any?). For some reason which I can only guess at, it isn’t coming out for the PC.

I’ve heard that it’s because LucasArts wants to make sure that the graphics are at some visual standard and with such a variety of PC systems out there, they can’t guaruntee what it will look like. Umm, OK. Well, isn’t that accomplished by putting a “minimum requirements” on the box? And are you trying to say that my computer can’t achieve the graphics level of a DS or PSP? puleeze…

The other reason I’ve heard bandied about is that they don’t want to put it on PC because it’s so easy to pirate on the PC (you can do it for console games too, just not as easy). Alright, this one I can sort of understand. But it’s not like piracy is SOOOO rampant that you will sell one copy and all of the other thousands of people who want to play will all download the one torrent. Other gaming companies have figured out how to do it. How many copies of Half-Life have been sold? Doom? Bioshock? Crysis? etc, etc. You can make money on it.

Anyway, the original intent is to give yo a review. And HERE IT IS: Zero Punctuation’s Star Wars: The Force Unleashed for the Wii review (at